Portable Objects Version 3.5.2

Connecting Android, iOS, Linux, OSX and Windows Operating Systems using Java, Delphi, Free Pascal (linux and windows) and C++ Builder.

Portable Objects is a tool that consists of two main pillars,

  • An inter-language persistance framework for saving and restoring application data. Ideal for mobile applications that have to save and restore their state, or for cloud/distributed applications.
  • A communications framework for simplifying the development of client/server applications.

It is soley targeted at object orientated languages.

Currently it supports Java/Android (7 and 8/API 19 Kitkat and higher), Delphi (Win32, Win64, iOS32, iOS64, OSX and Android) and C++ Builder (Win32, Win64, iOS32, iOS64, OSX and Android). Support for Visual C++ will follow shortly.

It's free for non-commercial appilcations.

Version Highlights


  • New: Support for Delphi/C++ Builder 10.3 Rio
  • New: Support for Free Pascal (3.0.2 and 3.0.4)/Lazarus 32bit and 64bit on Linux. Was formally just 3.0.2 64bit Linux
  • New: Support for Free Pascal (3.0.2 and 3.0.4)/Lazarus 32bit and 64bit on Windows.
  • New: Location service app now available on Linux,

  • New: Data type selection dialog now has filter functionality and history.

  • New: Quick code generation functionality for currently selected repository and language.

  • New: Queue and Stack type safe containers can now access memebers by index. Allowing all items to be peeked.
  • New: Keyed container Add method now returns index of added item.
  • New: C++ classes now have an initializor method __InitClass() created.
  • New: New keyed find types ftGreaterThanOrEqual and ftLessThanOrEqual
  • Bug fix, new fields where being added persistable when they weren't i.e. not pers external data type, add this as field to pers class and the new field was marked as persistable!
  • Bug fix (effected Delphi only), ftGreater and ftLessThan not locating item.
  • Delphi Source properties, if UTF-16 BE/LE selected then include BOM indicator automatically set.
  • Data explorer is limited in non licensed version.
  • Performance improvements when persisting to disk.
  • Support for iOS32 withdrawn for Delphi/C++ Builder 10.3 Rio as iOS 11 and 12 nolonger supports this target.


  • Support for Free Pascal/Lazarus 64bit on Linux.

  • Support for Delphi/C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin
  • Support for Delphi/C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo
  • New Library Path Utility to facilitate configuration of RAD Studio's library and include paths

  • Users can change Repository Editor appearance using styles.

  • Servers client connect method now has a client info instance passed, this allows client methods to be called during the connect process.
  • Portable Objects libraries and calculator example (Location Service and Lighthouse) now installed automatically in home drive folder PortableObjects.

  • Bug fixes

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